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Navigate a Living Galaxy

You're the piolt of a single ship amongst thousands in a galaxy that has it's own agenda. Transports trade, pirates steal and the military, as it ever has, protects the tradelanes in the interests of the corporations. Will you seek out riches in unexplored systems or eschew the dangers of deep space and stick to the well traveled tradelanes of the civilized galaxy?

Mercenary? Trader? Pirate?

Your actions determine your place in the universe. Will you be a mercenary who will take any job for money, just to invest it in a better fighter just so you can take on an even tougher job for even more money? Or will you be a peaceful trader, plotting trade routes, avoiding pirates resorting only to violence when pirates threaten your cargo hold full of this run's profit. Or perhaps you'd rather try the quick way, the dirty way, mindless of laws or danger in search of quick booty.


There's a ship for every job, will you take the sleek fighter or the large ponderous transport? The fighers are agile and have the best offensive capabilities to fight your enemies but have little room for salvaged cargo. Trading has it's own dangers in the vastness of space and while you'll make more money avoiding fights with a belly full of cargo, you're an easy target for pirates or worse.

Plan now or pay for it later

Picking a ship to match your goal is only the beginning. There's a multitude of weapons, shields, engines and specialized components each with it's on positives and negatives. Better weapons draw more power, missiles have limited ammo and what will you sacrifice to equip that scanning jammer you've had your eye on?

Open Universe to Explore

It's a big galaxy out there, travel between warring empires and forgotten mining outposts, in search of your fortune. There are secrets to find, friends to make and enemies to fight. Are you ready?